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Since their revision in the early 1970’s, building codes now mandate safety glass and safety glazing in doors, tub and shower fixtures, outdoor surfaces and several other products and applications.

Safety glass prevents broken glass from shattering into large shards of razor sharp glass, reducing the risk of injury to your family, clients, customers or employees.

Most safety glass applications are either Laminated or Tempered glass.

Like the glass found in the windshield of a car, laminated glass layers PVB (polyvinyl butyral) between two pieces of glass. When this glass breaks, the glass cracks and spiders, but is held together by the PVB and laminate. Often found in storefronts or commercial doors, laminate glass keeps your business safe and secure by maintaining its’ integrity and staying together, even after the glass has been broken.

Heating glass to over 1200 degrees fahrenheit, then rapidly cooling the top surface is called tempering the glass. The cooling process involved in tempering glass creates tension within the layers of the glass. The result is a tempered glass product that is six times stronger than normal glass. While tempered glass will break, the tension between the inner and outer layer cause it to shatter into small, dull pieces of glass, not the dangerous shards we associate with danger.

Santa Clarita Valley Glass and Windows is experienced with all applications of Laminated and Tempered safety glass. Serving the Greater Santa Clarita area since 1991, Santa Clarita Valley Glass and Windows has been providing safe and secure installations for homeowners, business owners and contractors alike.

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